About Bristol Health

Bristol Health was established August 4, 2015 by Dr. Kelly Wosnik, NP-C. She has been a family nurse practitioner since 2003 and spent her early career practicing family medicine.

In 2015, she felt inspired to open a mental health clinic. At the time, mental resources in Utah County were scarce. Her idea was to bridge the gap between family medicine and psychiatry. 

She started the clinic as the only full-time medical provider. Mental health therapists, psychiatrists, physician assistants and psychiatric nurse practitioners have joined Bristol Health over time. 

As of January 2023, Bristol Health has helped over 14,000 patients with their mental health needs.

Our Mission:
Improving the mental health of our community through
Collaborative practice
Attentive staff
Reputable providers
Evidence-based treatment
and a
Supportive environment.

CEO: Dr. Kelly Wosnik
COO:  Niki Swan
Staff Manager:  Ailli
Billing Manager:  Aubrey
Billing Assistant: Mackenzie
Director of Therapy Services: Dr. Mark Seibert
Medical Assistant:  Ryann
Patient Care Team:  Addie, Annie, Ashton, Ashtyn, Hayden, Laura and McKell

Meet Our Providers